13 Things You Do After Buying a New Laptop

Planning to buy a new laptop for yourself or your loved ones? If yes, You have to do these things first after buying a new laptop.

Nowadays most people buy a laptop online due to better pricing and convenience. You’ll get your favourite laptop at your doorstep.

However, Sometimes online delivery packages might be damaged due to long-distance travel. These damages may not be physical rather smaller internal defects.

So, How you can check all these things so that you can timely request a replacement. As we know most online sites offer a 7-10 days window period for replacement.

After the replacement period, you have to go service centre for any issue. So, It’s better to check your laptop completely inside the replacement period.

In this way, if you find any issue you can replace your laptop easily. In addition, It’ll also give you the security that your new laptop is in perfect condition.

Things you do after buying a new Laptop

1) Make a Unboxing Video

The first thing you do after your package arrives. Check the package completely or make a video of your package unboxing for safety.

Check the Laptop and also check the model is right that you ordered. It should not happen that you have been sent another model or any other item.

After that Check whether your Laptop package is sealed or not. A broken seal means the laptop is used and you have to request a replacement immediately.

If the seal is perfect then open it and check the laptop and all the accessories mention on the product box. If everything is fine you can go to the second step.

Making an unboxing video help you to claim your product if you get the wrong product or nothing inside your package.

2) Check the Laptop and Accessories

After you open the package completely take out your Laptop and accessories. Now check it completely inside out.

Check there is no scratches or damage to your laptop and accessories. If you find anything requests a replacement.

If everything seems fine you are good to go. Now your can stop your recording process as well.

3) Check Charger after buying a new Laptop

Take out your charger from the box and plug it into the laptop. Check if it is working or not.

In this way, You can make sure that your laptop charger is fine and also tell you that your charging port is working fine.

If everything goes well now you can turn on your Laptop. Complete the basic setup part that is easy to follow.

There is nothing special in that so I assume you can do it easily.

4) Laptop Variant and Specs

After the basic setup, your new laptop is ready to use. So, the first thing you have to do is to check all the specs of your laptop.

It is necessary because you know nowadays laptops come in different configurations. There is Intel and AMD variant as well. So, It’s better to check them first.

To check the specs and model name right click on the bottom bar. Or you can simply search “Task manager” by typing.

After opening to task manager open the “Performance tab” next to the Process option. Here you’ll see the key specs of your laptop.

Buying a New Laptop
  • CPU
  • Memory or RAM
  • Disk or Storage (If you have a HDD+SSD storage Laptop then you’ll see two disk options)
  • WiFi
  • GPU (Integrated)
  • GPU1 (Dedicated)

If everything seems fine you can go to the next step.

5) Keyboard Backlit (If your laptop have) & Trackpad

It is not already on in your laptop after the first boot then tries to on it. To on keyboard backlit every company has its shortcuts.


(HP Laptops “Fn + F5”)

(Lenovo Laptops “Fn + Spacebar”)

(Dell Laptops “Fn + Right Arrow”)

(MSi Laptops “Fn + (+/-)”)

(Acer Laptops “Fn + F9”)

(ASUS Laptops “Fn + F4”)

These are not the universal shortcut keys for all the models. For a better solution, you can check your specific model keys in your manual guide or online.

If your backlit keyboard does not turn on then you can place a replacement request.

Besides backlit also check the trackpad and all the buttons of your keyboard. To check your keyboard keys search “Keyboard Tester” on google.

Launch the tester and check all the keys.

6) Check Windows after buying a new Laptop

Most laptops are coming nowadays has a pre-installed Windows OS. But the key thing is to check whether it is the original one or not.

To check your Windows is original go to your properties. To check properties right click on the “This PC” icon on your desktop and select “Properties”.

Here you’ll see your Windows is activated or not. If it shows Windows is not activated then try to connect it to the internet.

Some laptops need an internet connection to activate your Windows OS digitally. If it is not activated yet and says 30-day trial then your laptop has a pirated version.

Now place a return request so that you’ll get a new laptop with the original Windows OS.

7) Check your Wireless Connections

Here you have to check your Bluetooth and WiFi connection.

If you already connected your laptop to the internet then you already checked your Wifi card. Now it’s time to check your Bluetooth connection as well.

To check your Bluetooth connection simply connect your Bluetooth headphones or speaker or your phone and transfer a file.

So, You can check your Bluetooth connection as well.

8) Check CPU & GPU Usage

It is necessary to check both your CPU and GPU usage so that you’ll get the best performance. To check the usage and temperatures you can play any heavy demanding games or software.

To see the usage and temperature open Xbox Gamebar during gameplay using the shortcut key “Windows + G”.

or You can also use Nzxtcam or MSI afterburner to test the utilization and temperatures as well.

If your CPU temperature goes beyond 92-95 degrees Celsius or even higher like 100 degrees then place a return request.

For GPU heavy games use around 90% then it’s okay. It means your GPU is properly utilized and give your better performance.

Or if your GPU does not utilize properly in heavy demanding games then it’s time to replace it.

9) Webcam and Mic Check after buying a new Laptop

It is important to check your webcam and mic after buying a new laptop. If you are using it for online classes and work from home.

To check webcam and mic simply type “Camera” in the search box. You’ll see a camera option click on it to open. Check mic as well.

10) Display Test

It is a must test because most time screen issue is happening on laptops. So, to check the laptop screen follow here.

  • Screen Bleeding Test

To check screen bleeding type “Screen bleeding test” on google. Click on the first option and check your screen bleeding.

Buying a New Laptop

Note:- A little bit of screen bleeding is happening in all the IPS level panels so don’t worry about it. However, If you see a lot of bleeding then you can replace your laptop.

  • Dead Pixel Check

A dead pixel is an area where you’ll see a different colour. For example, if your screen is completely black and you see a white, green or red pixel means that pixel is dead.

To check type “Dead Pixel test” on google and open the first site. Here start your test and see it in different colours for surety.

After these two tests check your refresh rate as well. (If your laptop have a higher refresh rate)

  • To check the refresh rate right click on your desktop screen and click on the “Display Settings” option.
  • Go to the bottom and click on the “Advanced display settings” option.
  • After that head over to the bottom and check your display refresh rate.

11) Speaker Test

The next test on the list is the favourite speaker-test. You can play any music or video to check this.

However, If your laptop has a dual speaker setup then it is difficult to identify both are working properly or not.

So, to test the speakers individually type “Left Right Speaker test”. You’ll see a video click on it and check both the speakers one by one.

Or You can simply search on YouTube as well because it is a video. or click here to watch the video.

12) Ports Checking after buying a new Laptop

It is very crucial to check all your ports so that you can utilize them. To check the ports connect the cables according to port type.

For example:- Connect your mobile cable to the USB port and check that. Don’t just plug in and see charging but also transfer a file so that you can ensure your port is perfectly working.

In addition, Check the Lan port, 3.5mm jack, HDMI on your TV and the rest other ports.

13) Warranty

If you are buying a new laptop from the nearby shop then you’ll get a bill that tells you about the warranty period.

And If you buy a new laptop online then you get an invoice in your registered mail. Or you can simply download it from the App/websites where your order appear.

Every laptop has a unique serial number that is registered with the manufacturer company. It is registered usually after you first time connects it to the internet.

After connecting to the internet your warranty period start. Or you can check your warranty by calling customer support and telling them your laptop serial number.

This way you can check your warranty and ensure you get a new laptop and not a used one.


That’s all Folks!

I hope you check all the things mentioned above. If everything works fine you are good to go and explore your laptop further.

As we know Prevention is better than cure. So, It’s better to look before the replacement period the things so you don’t have to run for any issue later.

In case I am missing anything that is important from your perspective let me know. I’ll add that thing in the post as well.

I’ll add mention your name as well in the post. This way you can help other users as well.

If you have any doubt regarding anything you can ask in the comment section below. Happy journey with your new laptop.

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