Best gaming mouse Razer deathadder version 2

Razer DeathAdder v2: Upgrade of an award-winning DeathAdder v1

The Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse’s the most user base and awarded gaming mouse in the world. The ergonomic design perfect according to your palm and fingers.

razer deathadder v2

Best-in-class ergonomics

8 Programmable Buttons

82g Lightweight Design

Razer Speedflex Cable

Advanced on-board memory

The Razer DeathAdder V2 gaming mouse continues this legacy, retaining its signature shape while shedding more weight to enhance your gaming experience.

razer deathadder v2

Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse Full Review

In typical Razer fashion, they have once again expanded their repertoire of mice we have a new mouse from Razer the basilisk of the Death Adder version 2.


They’ve changed a bunch of stuff like they’ve changed the cables the sensors the switches. we’ll get into it but the one thing that is like the most unique changed to this iteration and maybe this is why they’re calling in version 2.

The shape has been slightly tweaked all the earlier versions of death adders have had this area on the right-hand side of the mouse kind of like the top right where your fingers rest that just it flared out in a particular way that was uncomfortable for people that had smaller hands.

This new version to they’ve they’ve just shaped it slightly differently, it doesn’t’ flare out as wide as it used to and it’s just like a nicer feel in most hands.

Now I think people that have giant hands won’t notice it, or they may even prefer the older style, but I think the average hand size you’ll appreciate this slight adjustment to the shape of the mouse.

The overall design and ergonomic fit of the Death Adder remain unchanged and it’s a good thing there’s a reason why 10 million these things sold it is a very popular design.


They’ve changed a couple of other things the sensor has been upgraded to the new optical sensor.

The focus plus from the razer is actually the best sensor in the market right now better than anything that Logitech has.

we’ve seen it on the viper ultimate as well as some new switches. These are optical switches now they have new feet PTFE material very slick and very smooth.

The cable also has new speed flex much here we’ve seen this on basically all the 2019 mice that razer put out and this has all been put into their Death Adder.

Body & Weight

They did all of this while reducing the weight of this Mouse it’s now an 82 gram Mouse.

The last iteration of the Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse was I think over 100, grams. this is why I switched off of the death adders they were just getting heavier.

In like 2018 when lighter mice were being introduced I didn’t like that whole heavy Mouse feel especially for first-person shooters so I switched off it primarily because of the weight. I don’t know if I’ll switch back to this because I do like the Viper.

If you were someone that was drawn to its shape and its size and you just like the ergonomic feel of a Death Adder this is a really nice update they’ve also added onboard memory.


So one of the things I always disliked about basically every Razer product is their software. they run this thing called a synapse and it feels clunky and honestly, it can be really buggy sometimes.

I do not like installing any of their software on any of my things, not their laptops certainly not for their mice.

Now, this thing has onboard memory you can just install it once set up your colors set up your button configurations your dpi settings.

And when you delete that thing from your system it goes for forever because you just store all your settings onto the mouse.

And you’re good to go if you ever want to adjust that stuff in the future you’d have to do it all over again but just keeping synapse on your system is that I hated.


The Death Adder ergonomics is an easy upgrade. If you have an older one that’s broken or about to die nice pickup.

But for people that want a lighter mouse that misshaped but you didn’t want the honeycomb pattern and you also like the features that Razer provides on their mice this is definitely a good thing to check out the basilisk.

So this has the same kind of internal hardware in terms like the sensor the switches the cables to the PTFE feet on the bottom.

it’s also been updated but I’ve never been drawn to the shape of the vast list this is most similar to the Logitech g502.

It’s for people that like that design aesthetic. I am an ambidextrous Mouse person or the old-school Death Adder feels person, but they’ve updated the number of things which you must go for.

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