Microsoft Surface 3 (Best business laptop) in India

The new Microsoft Surface 3 laptop is the next generation best business laptop of surface series. It is a more powerful, portable, and sleek laptop.

Well built, well designed, and beautiful laptop with features like instant ON mechanism.

The laptop comes with the latest Intel 10th generation processor with iris plus graphics with the option to ditch the unique Alcantara for plain old aluminum.

This laptop definitely must consider among other best business laptops in the market like LG Gram and Apple Mac book pro 13.


  • Well built
  • Looks like a luxury laptop
  • Solid Performance
  • Finally USB Port C here
  • Good battery life


  • The keyboard could be better
  • NO Thunderbolt support


13.5-inch (2256x1504) PixelSense; 15-inch (2496x1664) PixelSense


13-inch,15-inch: quad-core Core i5-1035G7/Core i7-1065G7 (Ice Lake)


13-inch,15-inch: Iris Plus


13-inch: 8GB/16GB LPDDR4x; 15-inch: 8GB/16GB/32GB DDR4


13-inch,15-inch: 128/256/512/1TB


USB-C, USB-A, Surface Connect, 3.5mm jack


720p (user-facing); Windows Hello enabled




13-inch/15-inch: 802.11ax 2x2 MIMO, Bluetooth 5.0

Operating system:

Windows 10 Pro (business)


13-inch: 12.1 x 8.8 x 0.57 in. (14.51mm); 15-inch: 13.4 x 9.6 x 0.57 in. (14.69 mm)


13-inch: 2.89 pounds; 15-inch: 3.36 pounds , with charger: 4 pounds


Sandstone , Matte Black (metal), Cobalt Blue (Alcantara) and Platinum (Alcantara, metal)

best business laptop

There are few cool look laptops that are there in the market and the surface is one of them. The design of the Surface 3 laptop attracts everyone’s attention.

This is one of the main points of the huge selling of this business laptop. There is no major difference between surface 3 and surface 2 design.

However, if you don’t have any surface series laptop it makes you wow with the designs.

The laptop has a slate-like aesthetic with beveled sides and hard lines rather than rounded sides or a curved back.

The back of the Surface 3 is made from silvery magnesium with an adjustable kickstand that can be set in 3 positions.

There is no flex in the chassis whatsoever despite its thinness and lightweight. It has a high-quality and solid feel that gives you confidence in tossing the thing into your bag and without worry.

The past model’s sharp design edges cause some ergonomic problem but with a new point, edge design makes it easy to dig into the user’s palms.

The 13.5-inch touchscreen display is unchanged from earlier models. It has a sharp, bright display with good viewing angles.

Its resolution is 1920 x 1280, a few more pixels than a traditional 1080p HD display due to the slightly taller screen, making the Surface a bit more comfortable.

I also appreciate the touchscreen feature on this laptop. I like the touchscreen because it gives you an extra edge to do your faster and with ease.

Plus it supports surface pen and windows ink so you can make notes, paint, draw and sign documents.

One thing that bothered me is the auto-brightness function of the display during use. It will changes brightness automatically.

This happens with the laptop in a stationary position and none of the lighting changes. So, It’s better to Turn off this setting and then do your work.

Surface 3 comes with the latest Intel 10th gen ice lake processor with 8/16 GB DDR4 RAM With multiple SSD storage options.

This will give you a huge boost and fast and smooth performance in every task. It’s also competent enough to handle Lightroom and Photoshop and doesn’t have any issues in playing 4k videos.

General Performance of new Intel processor not a huge boost than Intel’s last-gen processor.

However, with Iris plus graphics, you get almost twice the performance of the last year’s integrated chips.

It makes a big difference in terms of graphic intense tasks like photo/video editing or some light gaming.

But if you have lots of workloads, 3D modeling work then go for another laptop.

You do some light gaming with some decent fps. I play Fortnite and got around 40-45 fps in medium settings. And in Overwatch, I got around 30-35 fps in low settings with some resolution tweaks.

I like the way this machine handles this game with swiftly but I don’t recommend if you look it for gaming purpose.

best business laptop microsoft surface 3

The base model comes with a silver and Alcantara keyboard deck which you saw on earlier surface series laptops.

It’s soft and gives you a unique feel to other laptops, plus it helps to avoid smudgy fingerprints.

The 13.5-inch model has an outstanding keyboard, with excellent spacing and travel response. It’s perhaps my favorite laptop keyboard nowadays.

It also has a backlight with five levels of brightness. This was something Microsoft didn’t need to do on the budget Surface 3, but going the extra mile just adds that special something extra to the overall package and I’m extremely glad they did.

The trackpad is 20 percent larger than the previous model. It is smooth and easy to use, with great tracking and palm rejection. 

This keyboard and trackpad combination is the best you can get and shows the other competitors.

This Microsoft Precision pad, which isn’t very customizable in the way of software (unlike, say, a Synaptics pad), but it’s accurate and I don’t accidentally hit it while typing.

The surface 3 laptop comes with a single USB-A port, a USB-C port (sorry no thunderbolt support), and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. And Microsoft’s proprietary Surface Connector, which connects with a 65-watt charger that comes in the box.

When you see this laptop, you think aww there is no speaker grill. But don’t worry there is a speaker.

The sound comes from the keyboard and it’s pretty impressive. There’s a lack of bass, so the quality is tinny and hollow compared to a real sound system, but the system is completely usable without external speakers.

The battery of the Surface 3 is not big, but thankfully the Intel processor is incredibly frugal. Ultimately, most users will get between 7-8 hours of use from it between charges.

If you are a traveler and do not have time to charge your laptop again and again then this business laptop is also recommended for you.

The Laptop 3 does have a new fast-charging feature that charges your laptop around 80% in less than an hour. However, You can only use this Fast charge support during the laptop is in sleep mode or shut down.

best business laptop microsoft surface 3

Finally, As this is often a Surface device, numerous weird bugs have come and gone throughout my testing period.

I’ve already mentioned the display auto-brightness bug, but I’ve also seen an aggressive battery drain, fans ramping to one hundred pc while charging, and therefore the trackpad randomly stop scrolling in apps.

Most of those bugs get away after fully shutting down the laptop and restarting it, but they’re all frustrating things to experience within the first week of employing a brand-new laptop.

Microsoft typically does update its Surface devices with bug fixes and patches on a daily basis, so hopefully, things will have settled down a couple of months from now, but right now, the Laptop 3’s experience is often hit-or-miss.

Aside from those pesky bugs and therefore the merely okay battery life, the Laptop 3 13.5 may be an excellent laptop, and that I think most of the people trying to find a premium Windows 10 computer will be very happy with it.

The Surface Laptop which is the best in business laptop class isn’t inexpensive, and you’ll pay for those niceties, but for the most part, it’s worth it.

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