How To Take Screenshot on Laptop/Desktop PC?

Take Screenshot on Laptop or Desktop PC is quite easy and simple. Check out the best methods to do it.

A Screenshot is a still image that captures whatever is on the screen. In simple words, a Screenshot is a still copy of your real-time screen.

Nowadays most work is doing online. So, You have to save your important data in a screenshot form for later usage.

You are not supposed to use the print function and print everything on paper. Instead, It’s better to keep it in a digital form as a screenshot.

That’s why a still image or screenshot comes in handy. Here I am sharing simple methods to take a screenshot on your Laptop or Desktop PC.

These methods apply to all the brand laptops (ASUS, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer, MSI, etc.). So, don’t worry about the brand you own.

Take Screenshot on Laptop

Windows 10 or Windows 7/8 all of these comes with an inbuilt app called Snipping tool. This tool allows you to capture a screen or part of the screen.

This inbuilt program is easy to use and reliable method to take a screenshot on a Laptop or Desktop.

Steps to follow:

1) Go to the search menu at the bottom and type “Snipping Tool” there.

2) Open the snipping tool and click on the “New” option.

3) Now move the cursor arrow to select the desired area you want to capture.

4) After area selection click on the “Save Snip” icon to save the screenshot in your storage drive.

The simplest way to capture screenshots is using the keyboard shortcut keys. In this way, You can capture the screen in a simple and speedy manner.

Capture Screenshot using Windows Key

1) Just press the buttons “Windows Key + Prtsc”(Prtscrn also written on some keyboard) and you’ll get a full-size screenshot of your current window.

2) Now a Save box will appear. Enter the name to your image and save it.

Capture Screenshot using Alt+Prtscrn

It is similar to the above mention method. By using this method, You can capture your active working window.

Just Press the “Alt+Prstscrn” together to take a screenshot.

Take a Screenshot using the Snipping tool shortcut key

You can also use shortcut keys to use Snipping tools right away without opening them.

Just Press the “Windows Key+Shift+S” together. It will dim the screen and allow you to drag and select the area of capture.

After selection, your screenshot is copied to the clipboard.

Capture Screen using Windows+G

This option is most popular among gamers. They use this method often to take game overlay and screenshots of achievements in the game.

1) Press the “Windows+G” buttons together for a game overlay.

2) After that click on the camera icon or press the “Windows+Alt+Prstscrn” buttons together to take a screenshot.

Now you can simply edit or share it.

If you are on a Mojave or above version of Mac then you’ll get an inbuilt screenshot app. You can simply use that software to capture the screen.

Just Press the Shift-Command (⌘)-5. You’ll get a menu bar with several options.

You can choose whether you want a screenshot of a full screen or a part of the screen. You can also capture a full screen or a part of the screen video as well.

There is also an “options” button that allows you to save the screenshot at your desired location.

If you are on an older version of a Mac, don’t worry. You still can take a screenshot of your screen and save it as a PNG file.

  • To take a screenshot of the entire screen just press the press Shift-Command-3 buttons together.
  • Press Shift-Command-4 and move the cursor to select the area to take a screenshot of a particular area.
  • Press Shift-Command-4. Hit the spacebar to take a screenshot of a specific window. After Pressing the buttons cursor will turn into a camera. Hover the cursor to the window you want to capture and then click on it.

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