How to Disable Laptop Keyboard in Windows & Mac

Sometimes people do not find their onboard keyboard is good and efficient. So, they are looking for an external keyboard. However, Using an external keyboard to seamlessly disable your onboard Laptop keyboard is a good option.

People also use the external keyboard while their onboard keyboard has damaged keys or missing some functionalities.

While using damaged keyboard cause error in typing or gaming. So, To overcome the situation an external keyboard might solve your issue.

There are plenty of methods to disable your onboard Laptop Keyboard so that you get the full potential out of your external keyboard.

Some of the best methods to disable your Laptop keyboard are explained below to ensure your problem gets rid of whether temporarily or permanently.

Methods to disable Windows Laptop Keyboard

1) Head over to search space along with the Windows button. Type “Device Manager” here.

Disable Laptop Keyboard

2) Click on the “Device Manager” option here. After that list of devices opens.

3) Scroll down and go to the “Keyboards” option and expand it.

4) You’ll see your keyboard name attached to Laptop. Right-click on it and expand the options here.

Disable Laptop Keyboard

5) Go to the 2nd Option “Uninstall device” and click on it. If a permission window pop-up then clicks on “yes” to proceed further. You might also be asked to “restart” your computer.

Disable Laptop Keyboard

After rebooting your computer you’ll find that your keyboard keys are not working anymore.

To re-enable the keyboard, Simply go back to “Device Manager” and head over to “Keyboards” and click on the “Enable” or “Install” option.

1) Go to the “Search box” along the Windows button and type “gpedit.msc”.

Disable Laptop Keyboard

2) Here click on the “Computer configuration file” then head over into “Administrative Templates” > System > Device Installation.

3) Expand the “Device Installation” option and go to “Device Installation Restrictions”.

4) Here you’ll see a number of options on the right. Now Right-click on “Prevent Installation of Devices not described by other policy settings”.

5) Now edit this option and change it to “Enable”.

Disable Laptop Keyboard
Disable Laptop Keyboard

5) Then click on “Apply” and then “OK”.

Now you can go back to the first method or temporarily disable the method and follow those steps. Now if you are reboot your system keyboard will not install automatically again.

This is a very much permanent change, So to re-activate your keyboard you have to revert all the things in “gpedit.msc” settings.

This way you can install your keyboard device again and install a new driver for that as well in the future.

1) Head over to search space along with the Windows button. Type “Device Manager” here.

2) Click on the “Device Manager” option here. After that list of devices opens.

3) Scroll down and go to the “Keyboards” option and expand it.

4) You’ll see your keyboard name attached to Laptop. Right-click on it and expand the options here.

5) Now go to the “Update driver” option and click on it. a pop-up window opens and selects “Browse my computer for driver software” here.

Disable Laptop Keyboard

6) Select the “Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer” option here.

7) Uncheck the “Show” compatible hardware” check box. Now it’ll show all the drivers on your computer.

8) Scroll down and select the manufacturer (different than your standard keyboard), select your model and click on “next”.

9) click “Yes” and after updating “close” the window.

Now restart your computer. After rebooting your keyboard will no longer working anymore.

To re-enable your keyboard follow steps from 1-5 above and then choose the “Search automatically for drivers” option and update it.

Disable Laptop Keyboard

Apple’s Laptop comes with the best Keyboard in the market. However, If you want to clean dust and want to disable your Mac keyboard.

It’s a little bit tricky process here than the Windows Laptop. But you can do it by using just terminal commands.

There is also software available in the market that allows you to disable it with the help of them.

The terminal is similar to CMD you’ll see on the Windows computer. This terminal command helps you to control the MacOs environment in developer mode.

To disable your Mac keyboard you just have to paste a few lines of commands in your terminal interface.

The commands are as follows:

Just put the password, when it asks for the password and your keyboard will be disabled.

To re-enable your Mac Keyboard, follow this code:

That’s all Folks!

The methods discussed above are pretty easy and straightforward. Any person who wants to disable their Laptop keyboard can do it.

If you are using the external keyboard then disable your native keyboard is a good option so that your input does not conflict or interfere with your operation.

I hope the methods discussed above are easy to follow and gives you the desired outcome.

However, If you find any difficult to follow the steps you can ask for help in the comment section below.

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