How To Convert PDF To Word on Laptop/Desktop?

A portable document format (PDF) is a file format developed by Adobe in 1993. It is not easily editable that’s why people convert PDF to Word for editing purposes.

PDFs are often used to share documents or data between users. It is designed in such a way that every user sees in a similar way.

On the other hand, this design makes it difficult to change/edit the information inside. That’s why you may want to convert pdf to word document for easy changes.

In this article, I am sharing a step-by-step procedure to convert your document from one format to another in the most simple manner.

So without a further do Let’s jump into the process.

The developer of pdf format itself offers an easy way to convert pdf to word document. To do this you can use their own Acrobat DC and Acrobat Reader DC software.

However, The only downside here is that both this software are not free and you have to pay for using full functionality.

The full Acrobat DC has a standard version (Windows only) that will cost you 1037.22/month and a Pro version (Windows and Mac) ₹1196.52/month.

In addition, You require an annual commitment as well to use both the software. This is expensive just to convert pdf to word documents.

However, If you already have Acrobat DC then you can use that to convert your PDFs.

Acrobat DC is free software to view PDF documents. However, To use the document conversion functionality you have to pay ₹149/month.

If you use this functionality often then this cost is worthy. This way you can convert your pdf to word in an easy and reliable manner.

Here, I am using Acrobat DC to make the conversion in our example. If you’re using full Acrobat DC, the process is pretty much the same.

1) Open the PDF in Acrobat. Now click on the “Export PDF” option over the right-side panel.

Convert pdf to word

2) Now you’ll see multiple file formats for conversion. Here, Choose the “Microsoft Word” option on the left.

Convert pdf to word

On the right, you’ll see two options “Word Document” and “Word 97-2003 Document”. Selecting the first option converts pdf into modern “DOCX” format while the latter one converts the PDF to the older DOC format.

3) After making your choice click on the “Export” button below.

Convert pdf to word

4) A new window prompt and ask the location to save the file. Choose as per your convenience.

5) Type a name to your file and click on the Save button below to save it.

Your PDF file is now converted to a Word document and save inside your computer. Now to edit your file open it on Microsoft Word.

You can also convert your pdf file into a word document using Microsoft Word.

However, Converting in words causes formatting and styling issues often. So, It is not always a reliable method.

But for simple and short documents you can use it. It certainly works well in order to allow you to edit your documents in the simplest way.

1) Open Microsoft Word and click on the File option on the menu ribbon.

2) In the drop-down menu choose the “open” option.

Convert pdf to word

3) Here choose the location from where you want to pick your pdf file. (This PC, Dropbox, One drive, etc.)

4) Locate and select your pdf file and click on the open button below.

5) A warning pop-up appears and says that your new document may lose some of the formattings it had as a PDF. But don’t worry your original document would not change and remain the same. (This is just a warning that your new document may not look the same as your original document) Click the “ok” button.

Convert pdf to word

Now your pdf file converts into a word document for edit or changes.

Google Docs is another alternative to convert your pdf into word documents.

However, It is a two-step method where you have to first convert your file into Google Docs then convert it into a word document.

In this process, you may lose some styling and formatting. So, It is not a reliable method to do so.

If you have a Microsoft word then don’t use this method. However, If you don’t have the above two method software you can give it a try.

1) Open “Google Drive” and click on the “New” button on the left.

2) Click on the “File upload” option.

3) Locate your file and then click the ok button below.

4) Now your file appears in Google drive.

5) Next right-click on your file in Google drive and choose the option “open with”. Here choose the “Google Docs” option.

Convert pdf to word

6) Your file is now open as a Google Doc document.

7) Now click the file in the menu section.

Convert pdf to word

8) In the drop-down menu select the “Download as” option and click on the “Word Document (.docx)” option.

Convert pdf to word

Now your Google doc file is converted into a word document. You can save it on your computer local disk as a word document.

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