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How Long Do Gaming Laptop Last? (Tips to improve Longevity)

If you are planning to buy a new Gaming Laptop or just bought one recently, You must have a question How long do my Gaming Laptop last?

It is a valid question because gaming laptops are very expensive and not fully upgradeable. So, You have to make sure that you are getting the best value for money.

However, Your Gaming Laptop or any Laptop needed proper care for a long lifespan. So, finding out the proper way to care for your laptop definitely helps you.

In this article, You are going to learn how long gaming laptops last and what are the ways to improve your laptops life span.

Let’s find out!

Both Gaming Laptops And Normal Laptops can last longer and vice versa. It totally depends on the quality of hardware and built.

However, Proper care and usage also affect the longevity of laptops. If you do proper care then your laptops long last.

But In general, Gaming Laptops tend to be more durable than normal laptops. Because their interior is built to tackle higher temperatures and keyboards are designed to be tougher use.

If we use both for a demanding task then a Gaming Laptop definitely outlives a normal Laptop.

All electronic devices including Laptops have a lifespan after that they start to fail. some devices work long last than others. What could be the reason behind that?

The reasons behind that are:

  • Hardware Quality
  • What kind of work you do on your Laptop
  • How you use and care for your Laptop

1) Hardware Quality

Laptops come with different hardware specifications just like smartphones and their overall build quality depends on the manufacturer.

So, It’s pretty obvious you’ll find the difference in build quality among the companies. However, All the companies try to give you the best so that your laptop lifespan long lasts.

When it comes to Gaming laptop longevity, It is mainly based on the processor, Graphics card, Motherboard, and cooling system.

This is because RAM and Storage can be upgraded but these specs can not. However, Very few Gaming laptops such as Dell Alienware 51m allow you to change CPU and GPU as well.

2) Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Gaming Laptop

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is considered the brain of a computer. It controls all the components and functions running inside the computer.

The processor inside a Gaming Laptop is responsible for processing input from the keyboard and mouse than giving the output as a visual on the screen.

With the passage of time, the advancement in technology and processor makes things faster and more efficient.

For example, An Intel Core i9 processor is much faster than the Core i5/i7 processors. Intel Core-i9 is not recommended as of now because most of the games can run on an i7 processor effectively.

But advancements in technology and games make the Intel Core i9 processor the recommended one for most of the higher-end games incoming 3-4 years.

For instance, Games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 currently listed Core i5 processors as the minimum requirement. But in their next sequels, they might demand Core i7 processor.

Therefore, Getting a Gaming laptop with an Intel Core i7 or i9 processor rather than Core i5 is a better option to make your decision future proof.

The i5 processor might be cheap but become obsolete for modern gaming in near future.

3) Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

Gaming Laptop

The Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) is responsible for rendering images that you saw on the display. Just like CPUs, GPUs have also become more powerful day by day due to technological advancement.

NVIDIA and AMD are the two most popular GPU manufacturers in the world. Normal laptops posses less powerful either Intel or AMD Integrated GPUs.

A good example of such advancement is seen in the game’s environment and character details. You yourself can differentiate between today’s games and old game’s quality.

Ray tracing technology tries to produce realistic shadows and reflections in games. While Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology leverages AI to give you the best frame rate during heavy games.

However, these technologies are used in the new RTX 20 series Graphics. However, You have to install new driver updates in older GTX 10 series and 16 series GPUs to get these technologies.

But don’t expect too much after the installation because they are not designed to do these things primarily. So, After updating you’ll see a slight difference not much.

Graphics cards released before the GTX 10 and 16 series are already outdated and do not support these technologies.

So, You’ll notice that RTX series GPUs have become more popular among gamers nowadays. And GTX 10 and 16 series GPUs slowly become obsolete over the coming years.

Therefore, Buying a Gaming Laptop with a more current technology GPU will serve you longer than the older one. They will likely be able to support new features that will be released in the future.

4) The Chassis Quality

The chassis (body) plays a very important part in the longevity of your laptop. If the chassis is tough then your internal hardware will be protected better from the outside environment elements like water and dust.

The material uses to build your chassis decides how long do your laptop last. It is the chassis that prevents internal hardware from shock in case of a sudden accident or drop.

For example, a chassis made of aluminum is tougher and better to protect your laptop than the one made with light plastic.

On fall down, Aluminum chassis tends to dent while plastic is more likely to bend or break.

However, this does not mean every chassis made out of plastic is weak. In fact, Most laptop’s chassis is made with plastic nowadays and still long last. Here, The quality of plastic matters the most.

Generally, High-end Gaming Laptops will have more tough and rugged chassis than a budget laptop. But checking reviews before purchase about the build quality helps you in that matter.

5) Cooling Management

Gaming Laptop cooling management

A cooling system is very crucial to control the heat flow inside the laptops (especially Gaming Laptops). This way internal hardware is protected from damage.

When you run high-demanding apps or games both CPU and GPU generate a lot of heat. And due to less space for airflow inside temperature can rise to a very high level.

This higher temperature cause premature hardware failure and throttling. Throttling can cause lag during gameplay and other tasks. That’s why every laptop manufacturer designed the laptops in a way to reduce the heat and damage.

To reduce or control the inside temperature manufacturer use multiple high-speed fans, vapor chamber cooling. In addition, Metallic casing also helps to dissipate heat better than plain plastic.

Some even come up with a new innovative design. For example, You can take ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX501 Gaming Laptop.

ASUS makes laptop bottom design in an aerodynamic way. So, When you open the laptop a portion of its bottom flex and give you more space for better airflow.

If your laptop’s cooling system does not design properly, internal components may fail down earlier and reduce your overall laptop lifespan.

In this case, you can use a good laptop cooling pad that controls the heat inside the laptop and increase your laptop lifespan.

Obviously, You buy a Gaming Laptop mainly to play games. However, Gaming Laptops can also be used to do your daily stuff as you do on a normal Laptop.

Some games and apps are more demanding than others and create a lot of heat during the process. And as we mentioned earlier, High temperatures cause premature fail-down of hardware.

So, It totally depends upon you how you use your Laptop over a longer period.

For example, A college student (Chris) uses their laptop for casual gaming, web browsing, binge-watch, and online classes.

On the other hand, Shroud uses the same laptop for hardcore gaming and runs graphic-intensive tasks like editing and graphic illustration.

So, If you consider above two guy that uses the same laptop in the similar environment then Chris Laptop long lasts due to less load and heat generation.

While Shroud heavy Gaming and tasks generate a lot of heat and cause damage to its laptop hardware and reduce the overall lifespan of the laptop.

It is very crucial to take proper care of your laptop for a long lifespan. Otherwise, Your laptop won’t be long last.

Gaming laptops like any other electronic device have delicate parts too. So, Any damage to these parts can cut down their lifespan.

Things that can cause damage to your Laptops are:

  • Drop your Laptop
  • Accidentally spilling coffee or water on your Laptop
  • Using your laptop on soft surfaces such as a bed or couch causes overheating
  • Not cleaning your Laptop from inside

1) Picking a Gaming Laptop with Good hardware

Buy a Mid-to-high end Gaming laptop that comes with good hardware and a cooling system. So, You’ll get enough resources and a better cooling design.

Try to avoid low-budget Gaming Laptops (Usually under 60000) because they tend to feature older hardware and get outdated faster.

When you choose a Gaming Laptop prioritize CPU, GPU, and cooling system over RAM and storage. RAM and Storage can be upgraded later.

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Before purchase checking the specification and reviews online may help you to decide the best one for you.

2) Keep food and drink away from your Gaming Laptop

Try to avoid eating and drinking while you work on your laptop. This is because accidental spilling can cause damage to your hardware.

Apart from that, you’ll be lost your important files and data due to liquid because it enters your storage drive and damages it permanently.

And Gaming Laptops are very expensive so that their repair cost as well. So, It’s always better to keep your food and drink away from the Gaming Laptop.

3) Cleaning Your Laptop from Inside

Gaming Laptop inside

It is usually a good idea to clean up especially your internal Gaming Laptop parts in every six months. Due to limited space inside dust particles tend to collect over components.

This can restrict airflow inside the laptop and raise the temperature of the components. And due to high temperature cause premature hardware failure.

So, from Time to time cleaning helps you in that matter. However, before opening your Laptop read the instructions and warranty manual carefully. In some cases opening your laptop can void the warranty.

Also, ensure to unplug your Laptop from power and shut it down completely before cleaning.

After opening carefully clean the components to avoid any kind of damage. If you use compressed air to clean the fans, hold the fans to avoid any damage to your fans.

The laptop cleaning part is very tricky due to limited space. So, If you are not familiar with technology much then take the help of a technician is the best way to avoid any damage.

Or You can learn Laptop Repairing to do it cleaning and any kind of replacement or up-gradation on your own.

4) Keep your Laptop Plugged in while Gaming

Keeping your Gaming Laptop plugged in while gaming not just improves the performance but also helps your battery too long last.

This is because most Laptops use lithium-ion batteries which have a limited number of charge cycles. So, charging and discharging the battery very often reduces battery life.

You don’t have to worry about overcharging because it has an internal circuit that cuts down the supply when it’s fully charged.

5) Use your Gaming Laptop on a hard and flat surface

Most Laptops have their air intake vents at the bottom side. So, Placing your Laptop on a soft surface can restrict the airflow and raise the temperature.

However, If you have to use your laptop on a bed then getting a portable laptop table or cooling pad helps you.

So, It’s better to place your Gaming Laptop on a flat hard surface to allow the laptop to intake air freely and maintain system temperature. This prevents overheating and keeps your laptop long last.

6) Replace your Laptop’s thermal paste every few years

Gaming Laptops are used heavily to play games for a longer duration. So. The use of thermal paste keeps the CPU and GPU cool by allowing them to make proper contact with the heat sink.

Sometimes improper application of thermal paste and falling to replace it for many years can also cause throttling and overheating.

Replacing and proper implementation improves heat dissipation and helps you to keep your laptop last longer.

7) Use an external Keyboard and Mouse for Gaming

Gaming demands a lot of input from your keyboard and mouse. You use your keyboard’s certain keys and mouse click repetitively during gameplay.

This can cause damage to your Laptops keyboard and mouse over the period. If these parts fail your laptop becomes unusable.

And finding the replacement of your keyboard and touchpad is very hard especially if you have an older model.

So, the use of an external keyboard and mouse not just improves your gaming experience but also helps you to avoid the keyboard and touchpad of your laptop from damage.

And these external keyboards and mice can be cheaper than your inbuilt parts. So, If they fail you can change them easily.

8) Keep Your system updated

It’s very crucial to update your Operating system (OS), Antivirus Software, and Graphics, driver. This is because the updated system is more optimized and runs smoothly.

In this way, You can reduce the danger caused by malicious malware running in the background and slowing down your PC.

How long your Gaming Laptops last depends upon How the hardware is, How you use your Laptop, and How you take care of it.

A new Gaming laptop is expected to work properly around 3 years before any kind of up-gradation or replacement.

If you take good care of it, You can push its lifespan further. However, After 4-5 years Some of its hardware become outdated and need to be replaced.

Gaming Laptops battery can usually last 1-2 years. It also depends upon your usage as well. If you moderately use your laptop then it will long last than usual.
However, For rugged usage and continuous heavy graphics-intensive work gradually reduces its lifespan, and need a replacement.

Usually, a Gaming laptop’s battery can last up to 2-3 hours while playing heavy games. However, If you use your laptop for normal work then it can last up to 6-8 hours but varies according to Laptop models.
It is recommended to plug in while you playing games to avoid extra load on the battery.

Generally, a new Gaming laptop will keep its gaming performance for 2-3 years. While after that you may feel a little bit of performance slow down.
However, If You care about your gaming laptop properly then it’ll long last 8-10 years easily. But so much advancement in technology and games does not run smoothly as before.

Generally, Every Laptop similar to any electronic device becomes slow and obsolete over the period. The same goes with the Gaming Laptops as well.
But It totally depends on the hardware, How you use your Laptop, and How you take care of it. If you take proper care as mentioned tips above it will long last and do not get worse over time.

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