Best Office Headphones with Mic in 2022

Office headphones are versatile headsets from your normal music headphones because the office is a noisy place. This means that headphones good for office use should have minimal leakage to not disturb the people around you.

They should be comfortable to use for long periods and block the ambient noise of a moderately busy office.

All the best office headphones and earphones you see on this page have been picked because they include features that ensure voice and video calls can be made with the highest quality audio and recording quality.

So, they come up with noise-canceling headphones that provide little to no surrounding sound for interrupt-free audio.

The best office headphones on this page also offer high-end audio quality as well, but without costing the earth.

They are also compact and stylish so that you can carry them anywhere easily. There’s a lot of choices out there, so picking the right office headphones and earphones is a difficult and time-consuming process.

This is where our guide to the best office headphones and earphones can help you.

There are 5 main factors to look out for when picking office headphones.

Noise Isolation

The first factor for picking an office headphone is noise-canceling features in the audiophile world, noise isolation.

Noise isolation refers to the act of reducing the level of external noises via active and passive methods.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

Headphones with ANC actively reduces noise by using small microphones to pick up outside noises and then play the sounds in the opposite frequency to cancel out the sound. ANC is no magic bullet though.

It can only cancel out sounds from a certain band of frequency such as the drone of the aircraft engine. Any sporadic sound frequency like a loud scream or a car honk is still audible.

Passive Noise Cancellation (PNC)

Unlike ANC, all headphones come with a certain amount of PNC. A headphone with a well-designed structure (good clamp, over-the-ear ear cups, etc) can create a good seal and fit that improves noise isolation.

It is possible to block out almost all external sound with PNC but this is not exactly desirable, especially in places where situational awareness is required.

Hence, you have to decide the amount of noise isolation you need.

Wired headphones vs wireless headphones

When it comes down to picking wired or wireless office headphones, it seems like a no-brainer to choose the latter.

But it really does depends on individual use cases. We have listed the pros and cons of these two types of headphones below.


Wired headphones typically have better sound quality because the frequency is being transmitted directly from the device to the headset.

With wired headphones, you don’t have to worry about batteries dying or stuttering music because of a poor connection.

You can also improve your sound quality with an external DAC/amp combo. Wireless headphones will not be able to do this because the amp is already built into the headphone themselves.

However, with wired headphones, the area of usage is restricted to the length of the headphone cable. If the wire is too short, you cannot have a lot of movement.

But if the wire is too long, it starts to get in the way. Pick a cable with a length from 1.2 m – 1.8 m for the most optimal experience.


Wireless headphones, on the other hand, do not have any pesky wires that can become a distraction.

They use radio frequency, infrared, or Bluetooth technology to transmit sound frequencies from the audio source to the headphones.

They are convenient, but might not have the sound quality that wired headphones can provide, and their battery life can die unexpectedly.

Even though you have more freedom of movement with wireless headphones, there is still a range threshold before you lose the connection.

Sound Leakages

The last thing you want to hear in an office is music blaring from your neighbors’ headphones. It is not just because they have their music up loud.

The structure of an ear cup can affect the level of sound leakages.

Headphones with the back ear cups closed are called closed-back headphones while one with the back ear cups open calls open-back headphones.

Closed-back Headphones VS Open-back Headphones

Generally, office workers prefer a pair of headphones that don’t leak sounds.

Open-back headphones allow ambient sounds to come through the headphone that adds a different quality of sound experience for the listener.

However, this means more sounds get leak outside too. In contrast, closed-back headphones reduce the number of ambient sounds coming through the headphones.

Consequently, fewer sounds get leak outside too. A closed-back headphone that fits well for you will create a good seal that further reduces the number of sound leakages.

Microphone and control

Aside from music enjoyment, office workers have the need to participate in conference calls.

A combination of a noisy office and poor communication tools (microphone etc) can disrupt the experience of a smooth conference call.

Your headphones must be able to let you hear your counterparts clearly and they must also be able to transmit audio with clarity.

This can reduce the amount of confusion and improves the productivity of conference calls.


Some headphones do come with a built-in microphone. But if you need a crystal clear transmission, you will need headphones with a dedicated boom mic.

These boom mics have noise-canceling properties and can focus the sound reception from a certain direction.

Most headphones nowadays come with a built-in microphone, especially.


Controls on the headphones allow you to conveniently adjust your audio experience on the fly.

Some basic features that the controls should provide:

  • adjusting the level of volume
  • answering/hanging/muting phone calls
  • changing tracks

Controls are located differently on each headphone. Some can be found on the earcups themselves while others are placed along the cable also known as inline controls.

Audio connection port

Not all working computers come with multiple types of connections for your headphones. Some computers only have USB ports while others might only have the 3.5 mm audio jack.

In these cases, either you can either buy headphones with those specific cable termination or you can purchase a USB adapter or an external DAC/AMP such as the Dragonfly Black.

#1  Bose QuietComfort 35

#2 Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

#3 Sennheiser Momentum Wireless

#4 Anker SoundCore Life 2 Wireless

#5 Bose QuietControl 30

#1  Bose QuietComfort 35 II

(Image credit: Amazon)

Type: Over-ear | Enclosure: Closed-Back | Wireless: Yes | Noise Cancelling: Yes | Mic: Yes | Transducer: Dynamic

Bose has finally brought its fantastic noise-canceling technology to a pair of wireless headphones, and they sound great, and their battery life is long enough for even the longest video meeting.

You will not notice any issues as you find in traditional wireless headphones here.

Going wireless with your business headphones provides clutter-free space on your desk that is shared by some other important things.

#2 Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

best office headphones
(image credit: Plantronics)

Type: Over-ear | Enclosure: Closed-Back | Wireless: Yes | Noise Cancelling: Yes | Mic: Yes | Transducer: Dynamic

The Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 offers great battery life, good sound quality, and good active noise cancellation.

They may not offer the best noise cancellation – especially compared to the other pricey headphones but at only $200 (£230, AU$250) it’s hard to think of a better travel headphone for the price.

BackBeat Pro 2, is a travel headphone with incredible battery life, supreme comfort. You will also get support from connecting two devices at the same time.

#3 Sennheiser Momentum Wireless

best office headphones
(image credit : Sennheiser)

Type: Over-ear | Enclosure: Closed-Back | Wireless: Yes | Noise Cancelling: Yes | Mic: Yes | Transducer: Dynamic

These no-holds-barred wireless headphones are oozing with positive qualities, but for many, they’re almost prohibitively expensive.

However, if you’re an audio lover who does not compromise with the quality of sound and comfort then these headphones are just for you.

#4 Anker SoundCore Life 2 Wireless

(Image credit: Amazon)

Type: Over-ear | Enclosure: Closed-Back | Wireless: Yes | Noise Cancelling: Yes | Mic: Yes | Transducer: Dynamic

The best budget office headphones we’ve tested so far are the Anker SoundCore Life 2.

They might be slightly outside of the budget range for some, but their comfortable design, low leakage excellent battery life make them worth it.

They feel fairly well-built and come with a great hard carrying case too, so you can protect them at your desk when they’re not in use.

These headphones have an excited, yet balanced sound profile that’s suitable for a wide range of music you might want to listen to at work.

Their battery lasts an impressive 28 hours, and you can also use them passively with their provided audio cable when it finally runs out, which is helpful since they don’t have an auto-off timer.

The cable also has an in-line microphone, which should provide better recording quality than its integrated Bluetooth mic.

While their noise canceling is rather mediocre, they don’t leak very much sound, so you should be able to mask the most ambient noise without bothering your colleagues by raising your listening volume a bit.

Their headband is quite large, though, and might not fit those with smaller heads as well.

#5 Bose QuietControl 30

best office headphones
(Image credit: Bose)

Type: In-ear | Wireless: Yes | Noise Cancelling: Yes | Mic: Yes | Transducer: Dynamic

Life is full of trade-offs, and it’s the same with the Bose QuietControl 30s.

On the other hand, you’ll get a high level of noise cancellation as premium headphones provide in these over-ear headphones, but the compromise here is on sound quality, which is not great as other earphones in this budget segment gives you.

However, If you are using it in a noisy atmosphere for Audio/Video calls then these earphones do not let you down in any factor.

Our recommendations above are what we think are currently the best office headphones for most people are to buy. We sort them with user reviews, overall performance, quality, comfort, and availability.

Here is the list of all office headphones. Be careful not to get caught up in the details. There are no perfect headphones. Personal taste, preference, and where you use the headphones will matter more in your selection.

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