Best Laptop Under 20000 in India 2022

Are you a beginner or looking for a basic laptop for your child’s learning purposes? If Yes then a budget Laptop Under 20000-25000 is a good choice for you.

A basic budget laptop is not too fast in terms of processing and booting. However, it’s enough to understand the basic concept of computer processing.

It is best for your small children’s first step towards computer learning. So, they’ll get an idea about the computer and its functions.

In addition, You can also use these budget laptops for your work from home. So, It’s a win-win situation from both your children’s and money’s perspectives.

So without a further due Let’s jump into the list of best laptops.





ASUS Chromebook


AVITA Essential


PDP Thinbook


ASUS Chromebook

Best Laptop Under 20000
  • Intel Celeron N3350 Processor (Base Clock 1. 10 GHz, Turbo 2.40 GHz)
  • 14-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) Nano Edge display with a durable 180-degree hinge, Anti-glare coating
  • 4GB LPDDR4 RAM | 32GB eMMC storage
  • Integrated Intel HD Graphics 500 | 1.18 Kg
  • Battery Life: Up to 8 hours


  • Slim and stylish design
  • Good performance
  • Amazing battery life
  • Decent screen quality
  • Value for money


  • Hit & miss keyboard
  • Low storage

ASUS Chromebook Laptop Under 20000 Review


This tiny Chromebook doesn’t feel like a premium one but that doesn’t mean that it is poorly built. In fact, It is very well built and feels sturdy while using.

It looks like an all-aluminum shell but it’s not. It is more likely to be a plastic body with an aluminum finished lid. The lid is free from flexing which you see in most of the 14-inch devices.

Inside you’ll get a clean look design with plenty of space for both keyboard and touchpad. While the cutting-edge design makes it elegant and beautiful.

Performance and Battery Life

It comes with a dual-core Intel Celeron N35550 processor. The processor has a base clock speed of 1.1 GHz and turbo boost up to 2.4 GHz.

The higher turbo boost speed with a combination of 4 GB LPDDR4 RAM offer fast processing in a real-world scenario which you don’t see in Geekbench result.

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The device feels snappier even you open 7-8 tabs simultaneously in the chrome browser. So, It is amazing for a budget laptop like ASUS Chromebook.

ASUS Chromebook Fast processor and Full HD screens do not impact battery life, unlike other Chromebooks.

Although ASUS says it can give you battery backup for up to 10 hours. But in reality, you’ll get around 8-9 hours of battery backup in this laptop.

However, It is also not very bad and still more than the average working day.

Display and Sound

ASUS Chromebook comes with a 14″ FHD display with an anti-glare coating. Although, It has some issues with viewing angles and color accuracy.

It shows 221 cdm2 and 60.6% sRGB coverage which is quite decent. However, don’t compare it with a high-end IPS display.

But overall it isn’t a bad display for your everyday usage. However, Anti-glare is not that good so avoid using it in sunlight.

ASUS does some pretty good work in the audio section as well. You’ll get rich sound with decent bass which you don’t see usually in these budget Chromebooks.

So, If you are looking for little entertainment inside then ASUS Chromebook will not let you down.

Keyboard and Touchpad

It has a spacious keyboard and large-flat keys with a textured finish that makes it comfortable and easier to touch and type.

However, Plenty of keys travel makes it a little loose and spongy. So, don’t expect a quality premium Chromebook but it is decent enough for daily work.

The touchpad is fairly big enough and does not show any major concern. Although, It’s plastic but smooth, and accurate.

Ports & Connectivity

ASUS Chromebook comes with basic connections. You’ll get 1 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A and 1 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type C, with an audio port and a MicroSD slot on the left-hand side.

For wireless connectivity, an 802.11ac 2×2 MIMO is set up inside it. It is adequate and fast enough for browsing and online work.

Final Verdict:

AVITA Essential

Best Laptop For Students
  • Intel Celeron-N4020, Base Processor Speed 1.1 GHz, Max speed 2.8 GHz
  • 14-inch screen/35.56 cm (1920X1080) FHD display
  • 4 GB DDR4 RAM | 128GB SSD Storage
  • Intel UHD 600 Graphics | 1.37 Kg
  • Battery Life: Up to 6 hours


  • Slim & lightweight design
  • Good performance
  • Excellent visual quality
  • Spacious & comfortable Keyboard
  • Value for money


  • The touchpad isn’t good
  • Low storage space

AVITA Essential Laptop Under 20000 Review


AVITA Essential looks very stylish and elegant from the outside. You’ll get a matte black finish and the name of AVITA as branding on the top.

The Laptop has a very slim and lightweight design that makes it portable too. The best part of the design is the port connectivity options that come on the backside.

So, You don’t get tangled in the wires during usage. Inside you’ll also get a matt black spacious keyboard and touchpad design.

A 14″ FHD display with very narrow bezels and branding of AVITA at the bottom. Overall AVITA Essential Refresh looks stunning and beautiful.

Performance and Battery Life

It comes with a dual-core Intel Celeron N4020 processor. The processor has a base clock speed of 1.1 GHz and turbo boost up to 2.8 GHz.

It has a higher turbo boost speed than ASUS Chromebook which makes a slight difference in the multi-processing.

The combination of 4 GB DDR4 RAM and Ultra-fast SSD storage enables you to complete all your work faster and more efficiently.

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It comes with Windows 10 that makes it even more efficient due to constant speed and less power consumption.

However, This is not enough to make a battery last long enough. You’ll get a battery backup of around 5-6 hours maximum which is less compared to the ASUS Chromebook.

But It is sufficient for your work and online meetings/classes.

Display and Sound

AVITA Essential comes with a 3-sided 14″ FHD display with anti-glare technology. It looks sharp and offers a good quality picture.

Although, the picture quality and brightness are decent of the screen. But it lacks when it comes to the viewing angles.

You’ll not get a very wide viewing angle to watch anything. But vivid and sharply detailed visual feedback is pretty decent for regular use.

It also comes with an anti-glare coating which works pretty decent in a bright environment. However, don’t expect a high-end display quality here.

The only downside here is the location of the webcam placed at the bottom side. The camera has not very good angle so you have to do a little bit of struggle to get the right angle for your classes.

The overall sound quality is enough to hear in a silent environment. But if you are using it in a noisy environment then using a pair of headphones is recommended.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard looks spacious and has a very neat and clean design. The keys are spacious enough to work comfortably.

However, Keyboard feels a little bit sappy while you using it. And some people feel a little bit disappointed who love to use the number pad.

But overall it is pretty decent and gives you an effortless and comfortable typing experience.

The spacious keyboard does not harm the touchpad design and gives plenty of space for that as well.

Although, Touchpad is not as big as ASUS Chromebook and has a sappy build quality but offers decent performance overall.

Ports & Connectivity

AVITA comes up with a unique port design to make your work setup tangle free from the wire. All the ports are located on the backside of the laptop.

You’ll get power input, 2 x USB 3.0 Type-A, 1 x Full-size HDMI, 1 x Micro SD card slot, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

For wireless connectivity, You’ll get Bluetooth and WiFi that allow you to enjoy your favorite TV shows uninterrupted.

Final Verdict:

RDP Thinbook 1010

  • Intel Celeron-N3450, Base Processor Speed 1.1 GHz, Max speed 2.2 GHz
  • 14.1-inch screen (1920X1080) FHD display
  • 4GB DDR4 RAM, 64 GB Built-In Storage (HDD/SSD slot, support up to 1TB)
  • Intel Integrated UHD 500 Graphics | 1.4 Kg
  • Battery Life: Up to 6.5 hours


  • Thin & lightweight design
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Great battery life
  • Decent visual quality
  • Value for money


  • Low storage space
  • Webcam quality is poor

RDP Thinbook 1010 Laptop Under 20000 Review


RDP Think book design inspired by the Lenovo IdeaPad series laptops. This RDP 1010 has a very clean and aesthetic design that looks good.

It has 22 mm thickness and a weight of just 1.4 Kg that makes it very convenient to carry easily anywhere.

The top is clean and has written RDP on it. Inside You’ll get a 2-sided narrow bezel screen and keyboard with a big trackpad.

The clean design from the outside follows the inside and makes it eye-catching. All the port connectivity options are on both sides of the laptop.

Overall, It looks stunning and very well designed.

Performance and Battery Life

It comes with a dual-core Intel Celeron N3450 processor. The processor has a base clock speed of 1.1 GHz and turbo boost up to 2.2 GHz.

This less power consumption fan-less processor delivers exceptional performance for your daily computing tasks.

However, Lower turbo clock speed makes multitasking operations slightly slower than the rest of the two laptops mentioned above.

It comes with a combination of 4 GB DDR4 RAM and 64 GB built-in storage to deliver enough power for your daily tasks.

In addition, You’ll get a storage expansion of up to 1 TB through Standard SD Card/HDD/SDD.

The thin design holds a 38 wh battery inside it. It is very well customized to give you enough power all day long.

You’ll get a battery backup of around 6-7 hours which is pretty decent for normal day-to-day usage.

Display and Sound

The 2-sided thin bezel combined with an incredible 79% screen-to-body ratio gives you a large display with good visual quality.

It has a 14.1″ display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 that delivers good visual quality and sharp color accuracy.

Although, Viewing angles are not that great still a pretty decent display consider the price.

The sound quality combines with a good picture makes it a good source of family entertainment in this pandemic situation.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard is designed for the comfort of your fingertips. It has a very clean and spacious layout that offers plenty of space for keys.

The less key travel makes typing a fun activity for most of the users. Its quick response makes your typing work comfortable too.

While the touchpad looks pretty large and comes with a Windows precision driver for better and quick response.

Overall, Both Keyboard and trackpad do a pretty decent job for your daily use.

Ports & Connectivity

ThinBook2 comes with both old & new-gen I/O ports to connect a variety/majority of the peripherals of your choice and enhance your overall productivity.

On the left, You’ll get 1 x USB 3.0, a power input, 1 x mini HDMI (1.4b), and a multi-function Type-C.

On the right, You’ll get 1 x RJ45/LAN, 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x 3.5 mm headphone jack, and a Standar SD card reader.

For wireless connectivity, You’ll get Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi 802.11bgn that allows you to transfer data and connect through the internet faster.

Final Verdict:

Here we mentioned the Top 3 Best Laptop Under 20000 to help you out in decision making. I hope the article does enough justice and helps you to pick the right laptop.

Picking a Laptop for your child especially considering the price is not an easy task. And for learning purposes giving them a higher configuration device is also not a good idea either.

So, Buying a laptop under 20000 is the perfect choice for you.

In this manner, you’ll get a good basic computer for your children’s learning and it does not burden your pocket too.

If you have still any doubt/query you can ask in the comment section below. And any suggestion regarding the post or list is also appreciated.

Top 3 Best Laptops Under 20000 in India

  1. ASUS Chromebook
  2. AVITA Essential Refresh
  3. RDP Thinbook 1010

Best Laptop between 20000 to 25000

  1. ASUS Vivobook 15
  2. ASUS Chromebook
  3. AVITA Essential
  4. RDP Thinbook 1010
  5. HP Chromebook

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