Best Antivirus Software for your PC/Laptop (2022)

Looking for an Antivirus or Total Security software program for your PC, Mac, and Android devices? If Yes, then follow the article to get the best one for your system.

Nowadays people use the Internet and social media more often. Everything from classes, meetings, shopping, and entertainment has come online.

It becomes more and more prominent to go online in this pandemic situation. However, some people take advantage of these situations and do illegal/fraudulent activities online.

These fraudulent activities Increasing day by day. So, It’s better to keep you safe from these online threats that come through the internet.

To avoid this kind of situation you need total protection for your PC, Laptop and mobile phones. Therefore, A good Antivirus software program helps you in that manner.

What is Antivirus Software?

It is a software program that identifies and destroys viruses, malware, Trojan horses, worms, etc. Antivirus protects your computer and network against various virus threats.

Antivirus is an auto-protection program software. It checks any software, email, or Internet file before use, and kills the viruses.

How does Antivirus Software work?

Antivirus software begins operating by checking your computer programs and files against a database of known types of viruses, malware, trojan horses, etc.

Hackers/Crackers constantly develop new malicious programs. So, Antivirus keeps looking and scans computers for the possibility of new or unknown types of viruses threats.

Generally, Most Antivirus programs will use three detection techniques: Specific detection, Generic detection, and heuristic detection.

  • Specific detection:- It identifies known malware/viruses.
  • Generic detection:- It looks for known parts or patterns that related by a common codebase.
  • Heuristic detection:- It scans for unknown viruses by identifying known suspicious file structures.

When the program finds a file that contains a virus, it will usually quarantine it and/or mark it for deletion, making it inaccessible and removing the risk to your device.

Why Do I Need Antivirus Software?

Some people think that if they browse carefully there is no need for antivirus software. However, It is very beneficial to save you from unwanted security attacks.

It is a myth that antivirus is only for irresponsible users. But, It is not like that every people who use internet get an extra layer of security from unknown threat due to antivirus program.

There is no reason to not use an antivirus on your laptop. With good antivirus software, you can safeguard all your activities such as fund transfers, business email, social media, and more.

To know which Antivirus software works best for you? Check this comprehensive list here.

Best Antivirus Software List Overview:

Antivirus Software

Key Features

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BitDefender Total Security

  • Multi-layer ransomware protection

  • VPN included for fast and safe browsing

  • Online privacy tools

  • 24/7 Customer supportNew List Item

Norton 360 Standard

  • Comes With Advanced Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware & Ransomware Protection

  • Keep your private and financial information safe

  • Get help from Norton experts to keep your device(s) virus-free

Quick Heal Total Security

  • Protects financial data for safe online banking and shopping.

  • Parental control to control and manage computer access.

  • Blocks spyware, adware, keyloggers, and other threats. 

Kaspersky Total Security

  • Multi-device security blocks viruses and other threats.

  • Bank-grade encryption to protect payments.

  • Advanced parental controls.

McAfee Total Protection

  • Antivirus for your PC, Mac, smartphone, & tablet

  • Easy to use, automatically detects and removes viruses, Trojans, malware

  • It has an adaptive Two-Way Firewall- which safeguards your system

Avast Premium Security

  • Intelligent Antivirus: Detect and block viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware and phishing.

  • Webcam Shield: Stop webcam spying for good.

  • Wi-Fi Inspector: Automatically detect weaknesses in your home Wi-Fi and strangers piggybacking on your network.

AVG Ultimate Multi-Device

  • Real-time virus, ransomware, spyware, worms, trojans, rootkits, and malware. 

  • Uses artificial intelligence to identify malware

  • Email shield to block dangerous email attachments.

Eset Smart Security Premium

  • Essential protection for gamers, power users and slower PCs.

  • Protects against hackers, ransomware and phishing.

  • Provides the optimum balance of speed, detection and usability

Systweak Antivirus

  • Round-the-clock protection from Viruses, Malware & Spyware.

  • VB 100 Award Winning Antivirus for your PC Security and best protection

  • Real-time protection, instantly detect and neutralize threats

Best Antivirus Software Program Review:

Bitdefender Total Security

Best Antivirus Software

Bitdefender is an award-winning product in the antivirus program segment. It is trusted by major tech-savvy people and companies as well. It is also my first Laptop Antivirus as well.


  • Easy to use, automatically detects and removes viruses, Trojans, malware. As a result, Keeps your device safe, secure, protects against malicious virus attacks.
  • Its multi-layered protection keeps your all data (Pictures, Videos, Documents) safe from all known and emerging threats.
  • Advanced Anti-phishing protection easily keeps you out of danger from online scams.
  • It Provides a dedicated browser to secure your online transactions. Therefore, you can do online shopping and banking securely.
  • Many Antivirus programs slow down your computer process. However, Bitdefender is using minimal resources so that your system performance does not decrease.

Norton 360 Standard

Best Antivirus Software

Norton is an old and trusted player in this security and antivirus program industry. This Norton 360 Standard provides comprehensive malware protection to your PC, Mac, ios and Android devices.

Key Features:

  • It offers Real-time advanced security with antivirus support. As a result, It helps you to protect private and financial information while you go online.
  • All plans included Virtual Private Network (VPN) feature. This helps you to browse anonymously and keep your bank password and details safe.
  • Norton offers 100% virus protection promise to its users. If your device is not free from viruses then you can get a refund as well.
  • PC cloud backup stores your important files and documents as a preventive measure against data loss due to hardware failure or virus/ransomware attacks.
  • The parental control feature helps you to manage your kid’s online activities and keep them safe. It also provides a Safecam feature to block unauthorized access to your webcam.

Quick Heal Total Security

As per name suggest Quick Heal Total Security provides you complete protection from unwanted threats. The customer support makes it an even more user-friendly antivirus program.

Key Features:

  • Quick Heal Antivirus performance and virus detecting capability are amazing. It will solve the majority of the problems on your Laptop/PC.
  • Advanced protection like internet security keeps your system from harmful websites and phishing attacks.
  • External drive protection so that you can scan the external pen drive/Hard disk automatically once plugged in and repair the damage.
  • It comes with an inbuilt cleaner that clears all your junk files and boosts your system performance. The Parental Control feature lets you keep safe your kid’s online activities.
  • Quick Heal Total Security has the capability of repairing files in almost all cases. Therefore, Your files do not delete or quarantine.

Kaspersky Total Security

Best Antivirus Software

Kaspersky Total Security delivers ultimate protection to your PC, Mac, and Android devices. Therefore, It is one of the trusted and user-friendly antivirus program worldwide.

Key Features:

  • It protects your PC/Laptop in real-time by blocking new and emerging virus threats. It also protects your PC from unknown malware and harmful online activities.
  • Its unique Safe Money technology automatically adds an extra layer of security to your online banking and shopping activities.
  • It comes with proactive Anti-Phishing protection that prevents you from harmful/fake websites. As a result, you can browse the internet safely.
  • It manages all your app and website passwords are securely stored and synchronized. So, you can access them from different devices just with the use of one master password.
  • It is compatible with Windows PCs, Mac Computers, and Android devices as well. It also very light on your system so that it does not affect your system performance.

McAfee Total Protection

Best Antivirus Software

McAfee has achieved the top ranking in all eight performance tests conducted by AV-Comparatives since October 2016.​ Therefore, It is one of the best security solutions in the market.

Key Features:

  • McAfee’s active protection gives added layers of protection from viruses, Trojan, and malware. As a result, Your system secure and protects against malicious attacks.
  • It comes with a Two-way firewall feature that monitors all internet traffic on your PC. Therefore, You Pc will secure from potentially risky URLs and fraud.
  • The password manager allows you to store and manage all your App and websites password in one place. As a result, you’ll get the topmost security and do not hassle to remember every password.
  • McAfee Quick Clean deletes unnecessary cookies and temporary files. So, Your Pc works flawlessly and efficiently without any online risk.
  • The parental control feature allows you to save your children during online activities. The free support chat, phone and online help you in any situation.

Avast Premium Security

Best free Antivirus Software

Avast is one of the largest security companies in the world using next-gen technologies to fight cyber attacks in real-time. It creates scalable cloud-based security to secure you online.

Key Features:

  • Avast custom feature options for PC, Mac, and Android devices help you to get the best security solution. Therefore, Your device secure where it needed the most.
  • Avast Premium Security scans websites on both your PC and mobile. As a result, you can browse the internet without any worry and securely.
  • It also offers a secure environment so that you can do online shopping and banking without any worry. It protects you against malware and ransomware attacks.
  • Avast Premium offers a variety of features like a robust firewall, spam filter, full-scale suite. In other words, You don’t need any other software for multiple protection.
  • It offers a 30-days money-back guarantee which is absolutely amazing thing. This way you can use and if not satisfied with the software you can have your money back.

AVG Ultimate Multi Device

AVG online security is part of Avast software and offers a similar kind of performance. This Ultimate solution offer various feature like internet security, PC tune-up, and VPN, etc.

Key features:

  • The AI detection feature proactively identifies viruses and malware and takes necessary action against them. As a result, your system stay always safe from threats.
  • It comes with a Turbo scan option that saves your scanning time by skipping files that already known as safe by software. However, an Initial scan may slow down your boot time.
  • Email shield feature keeps you safe from dangerous email attachments and malicious phishing emails. So, you can send and receive emails in a safer manner.
  • It protects you from fake websites by its fake website shield feature. And link scanner warns you about suspicious links so that you do not enter into any fraudulent activity.
  • Toolbar remover and wi-fi guard is also a very cool feature that comes in a bundle. You can get this antivirus-free version to take a closer look at its performance as well.

Eset Smart Security Premium

ESET is known for its balance between virus detection, system speed, and usability. It provides the ultimate multi-layered protection for all your devices.

Key features:

  • It uses advanced machine learning technology to improve detection. As a result, you get maximum security from online threats.
  • It encrypts the communication between the keyboard and the browser for safer transactions and notifies you when using the feature on public Wi-Fi.
  • License manager lets you manage all your app, files, and external devices secured with encryption. Therefore, You just need to remember only one master password.
  • It offers a safe webcam protection feature. In other words, It alerts you to any that unexpectedly try to access your webcam, and lets you block them.
  • A secure firewall Prevents unauthorized access to your computer and misuse of your personal data. The parental control feature keeps your children safe online.

Systweak Antivirus Software

Systweak is made in India product just like Quick Heal security. Although it’s new in the market but deliver pretty good result in this cost-efficient price.

Key features:

Exploit and malware protection ensure your system’s safety from malware, viruses, trojan, and adware. So, you can use your system with zero-day threats.

The real-time protection feature helps you to instantly detect and neutralize threats. As a result, Your system always safe from external virus threats.

The auto-scan feature keeps your PC/Laptop protected against all types of malicious threats with a single click. So, you can connect to external devices without any worry.

The startup manager identifies and removes the malicious and infected items. As a result, Your PC’s performance increase and boot time as well.

Different scan options like Quick, Deep, and Custom help you to remove malicious files and programs from a specific location. So, your system health will be always good.

Here we come to the end of the article about the Best Antivirus Software program in India. I hope you’ll get your suitable Antivirus program.

As online activities increase day by day, online fraud/threat increase as well. So, It’s better to grab a security program for your system to avoid any kind of online threat.

Due to the rise in financial fraud online I’d suggest you go with the Total security program bundle instead to buy them separately.

In this manner, You’ll save your money on products and also save your personal and banking details from online fraudulent activities as well.

If you have any doubt/queries you can ask me in the comment section as well.

Q.1) Which antivirus is best for PC?

Top 5 Best Antivirus for PC/Laptop:

1) Bitdefender Antivirus
2) Norton 360
3) Kaspersky Antivirus
4) McAfee Antivirus
5) Avast Premium Security

Q.2) Which is the best antivirus for Windows 10 in India?

Top 3 Best Antivirus for Windows 10 in India:

1) Bitdefender Antivirus
2) Norton Antivirus
3) Kaspersky Antivirus

Q.3) Do I really need Antivirus for Windows 10?

Windows 10 comes with an inbuilt Windows defender program that is enough to block normal viruses and malicious online attacks.

However, for better protection from ransomware and other major online threats, a good antivirus/total security program is a must for you.

Q.4) Does an antivirus slow down your PC?

Yes, It will slow down your system process a little bit when it’s running a scan. However, Some program nowadays optimizes their program so that your system performance does not drop more.

Q.5) Which Free Antivirus is best for PC?

Top Free Antivirus for your PC:

1) Avast Free Antivirus
2) AVG Free Antivirus
3) Bitdefender Antivirus free version
4) Microsoft Windows Defender
5) Avira Antivirus

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