Asus ZenBook Pro Duo : The Future of Laptop (2020)

Asus Zenbook Pro Duo UX581 : The Future Of Laptop

Asus ZENBOOK PRO DUO is the new technology revolution from the Asus with the dual 4k OLED Touch screen (3840 X 2160) with a secondary panel that runs the length of the chassis, creating a multitasking monster.

In addition, laptops check every aspect of a consumer whether it goes for multitasking or heavy gaming and productivity or content creation and so much more on this beast.

But there are some caveats to consider: namely, really short battery life, mushy keyboard, and a thicker profile.

But mobile professionals or content creators and even gamers looking to walk and chew gum at the same time should consider the ZenBook Pro Duo.

Asus zenbook pro duo

Key Specifications:

Hard Disk1 TB SSD
ProcessorIntel Core i7-9750H / i9 – 9980HK processor
Generation9th Generation
Display15.6 inch OLED 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) Pixel
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 GDDR6 6GB VRAM
SoftwareWindows 10 Home
Weight2.5 kg
Color Celestial Blue
Warranty1 Year Global warranty

Asus zenbook pro duo Design

Asus continuous to deliver designs that are innovative. Constructed from sturdy aluminum and the Celestial Blue is alluring, like a deep-blue pool with secrets hiding just beneath the surface for those brave enough to take the plunge.

So the shiny Asus logo at the right of center is the epicenter of Asus’ beloved concentric-circle pattern.

The main highlight of the Asus zenbook pro duo is the interior part where you find two 4k OLED Touch Screen which looks stunning and a full-sized keyboard beneath the secondary touchscreen with the touchpad / Num Pad sequestered in the lower-right corner.

Upon opening the lid, the company’s ErgoLift hinge deploys, gently raising the keyboard deck to a 4.5-degree angle for a more comfortable typing and viewing experience. 

At the bottom front lip of the laptop, you’ll see the Alexa light bar, which signals that the digital assistant is processing your request. As slick as the Duo looks, it’s one of the chunkiest ZenBooks with 2.44 Kg and 14.1 x 9.7 x 0.9 inches.


Asus zenbook pro duo comes with a two-sided port design. On the right side, you get a USB Type-A 3.1 Gen 2 ports, Thunderbolt 3, and an audio jack.

Along the left, you have another USB Type-A port, a full-size HDMI 2.0 port, and a DC-in port.

Asus zenbook pro duo Displays

OLED and 4K combination looks visual heaven. The 15.6′ (3840 X 2160) screen looks sharp and clear makes every tiny detail noticeable.

The same scene in the matte ScreenPad wasn’t nearly as vibrant. And, because of the 3840 x 1100 resolution,however the video did not run the length of the display, leaving about 3 inches of black space on either side.

Details were still pretty sharp, Even though it’s not OLED, I appreciate the ScreenPad’s matte finish since it doesn’t create severe reflections.

Unfortunately, most games don’t play nice with the ScreenPad Plus, so you can’t play on the second display.

But I’m not sure most gamers would want to play on a smaller screen, unless it’s a smartphone or Nintendo Switch, anyway.

But it would be cool if you could manage tertiary functions like game menus and inventory down there.

Second display use cases

Asus zenbook pro duo has several preconceived use case scenarios for ScreenPad Plus: Video Editing, Gaming, Programming, and 2D Graphic Designing.

asus zenbbok pro duo

Keep in mind that anytime you interact with the ScreenPad during a gaming session, the game will automatically pause. It’s a little annoying, but not outside the realm of how a title behaves with a single screen.

Screenpad Plus

Asus’ ScreenPad Plus expands upon last year’s ScreenPad featured on the ZenBook Pro 15 in big ways.

First of all, at 14.1 inches, it’s much larger than the 4.8 x 2.6-inch ScreenPad. Secondly, it sports a 4K (3480 x 1100) panel that offers sharper detail and more vivid color.

But located at the top of the keyboard deck, the ScreenPad Plus offers much more functionality than its predecessor.


Both the displays on the Duo are touch capable, but rather than let you muss them up with unsightly fingerprints, Asus bundled a pen.

The Asus Pen is made of slate-gray aluminum and has a substantial feel that’s not unlike a fountain pen.

Writing on the screen pad plus is smoother. Pen running on a AAA battery, Asus estimates the Pen will last up to 10 hours.


One place where Asus needs to improve is the audio. I wish Asus just do something so that the audio becomes more loud and clear wheteher it is hardware or software change.

But as they are, you’ll definitely want to invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

Performance of Asus zenbook pro duo

The Asus zenbook pro duo has an overclockable  2.4-GHz Intel Core i9-9980HK processor with 32GB of RAM. The performance of this laptop is just great. whatever you are doing like multitasking, transcoding video, video editing, and gaming, it gives you a buttery like smooth performance.


Although ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo primarily designed and built for content creators and designers. However, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 with 6 GB VRAM is also play most of the AAA titles in high settings.

The gameplay with ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo is pretty good and you’ll get smooth performance during gameplay. The second screen helps you to open Map and quickly find places inside the game.

Battery Life

As beautiful as 4K OLED panels are, they can do a number on a laptop’s battery life. The Zenbook pro-Duo gets the double whammy here, as it also sports a power-consuming discrete GPU and a second 4K panel. The Duo lasted only 3 hours and 35 minutes.

Software and Warranty

The Duo goes heavy on the Windows 10 bloatware and light on the Asus-branded software.

Outside of MyAsus, which allows you to run system diagnostics, contact customer support, check for software updates, and change display settings among a myriad of other things is the only manufacturer software.

Useful third-party apps include McAfee Personal Security and Nvidia GeForce Experience, a suite of software designed to optimize your gaming experience.

The Asus ZenBook Pro Duo ships with a one-year limited warranty.

Should you buy Asus Zenbook Pro Duo?

The Asus Zenbook Pro Duo comes with a dual 4k OLED display which makes it a multitasking monster.

If you want a machine that is super seemingly fast and makes multitasking, video editing, transcoding video, and little bit gaming then go for it.

BUT for gamers, you can play almost all AAA titles with decent fps. With dual-screen you can do some extra stuff in the gaming like open maps, inventory game menu screen which is a new experience.

BUT for a serious gamer, this makes no sense to go for this costly laptop rather than go for another laptop.

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